Native, Always

We have a native-is-better mentality, and believe there is nothing better for native development than Swift. For the last few years, we’ve used this technology for all of our iOS projects due to its simplicity and tremendous potential.

It is also very easy to read, highly reusable, fast, and it follows an open-source model, which means that there is an active developer community around it.

All our developers are proficient Xcode users, which allows them to stay up-to-date with the latest Apple developments. We use this technology to develop across Apple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and MacOS. We take advantage of this integrated development environment’s (IDE) unique features, including a highly organized interface and an extensive suite of tools it integrates with.



and Testing

We maintain a dedicated research team responsible for keeping our third-party libraries, such as Alamofire, Realm, Kingsfisher, Fabric, ObjectMapper, up to date and for optimizing code and response times.

All our work is enterprise-ready and tested to ensure our apps are beautiful and flawless. We use XCTest, a robust framework within Xcode, which allows us to conduct unit and UI tests in a simple and efficient way. This tool is very powerful, it is Apple-official, and it gives us the ease of not having to rely on a dependency manager.