Say Hi! Get in Touch
Say Hi! Get in Touch

Screwed by your App developer?

Few people understand the challenges and pressures you’re facing like the partner who is brought in to help sort things out.

At Koombea, we are experienced in stepping into digital projects at the 11th hour. We have a proven method to identify, define and implement a plan to bring your project back on track:

  • Identify & resolve technology or organizational bottlenecks
  • Improve communication and manage stakeholder participation
  • Build software, resolve project management issues and bridge resource gap
  • Build teams and better organizations
  • Identify the right business metrics to measure performance and keep lasting improvements
  • Develop processes that will consistently provide working technology
  • Provide project analysis to identifying challenges and determine suitable corrective actions to rescue your project
rescue project image

Why spend to start from scratch if you don’t have to?

We’ll be happy to determine the current state of your project, and guide you to the next steps.


“Outstanding performance in a critical phase of the project.” Adam Blum - CEO, ACT