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2 minutes read

Dashable: Social time tracking … Is live!

By Jonathan Tarud
By Jonathan Tarud
2 minutes read

After months of building, testing, and refining, we have opened up our new product to public beta. Our early customers love it and we hope you do too. Here is the story behind Dashable, as told by our CEO and product maestro Jonathan.


I run, a 90 person app design and development agency. We are a group of technologists and creatives that believe in giving apps the love they deserve. The last thing on our minds is time tracking and billing cycles — we just care about building brilliant apps and making our clients happy. Yet all too often we waste time with the administrative tasks instead of doing work that matters. I’ve never found a tool or app to fix our problems properly, so we set out to build a solution we would love to use.

As I see it, there are 4 fundamental things that are broken with time tracking and billing:

Custom development cycles

We need a system that understands we work in week long sprints. The solution should be able to track any unit of time.

Billing frequency

We work in weekly cycles, so we would like to bill (and be paid) weekly. The solution should be able to bill for any unit of time.

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