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Koombea Culture
2 minutes read

Koombea’s Employees Receive COVID-19 Vaccines

by Robert Kazmi
Koombea Culture
2 minutes read

“Our team is our greatest asset, and we pride ourselves on creating a culture where employees feel challenged, valued, and inspired.” Jonathan Tarud, CEO at Koombea.

Throughout the pandemic, more than ever, we’ve been focusing on maintaining our team members’ wellbeing. In these uncertain times, we’ve made it a priority to make sure that they and their families have the necessary resources to stay safe. In line with this goal, we are proud to announce that we have been able to allocate COVID-19 vaccines to our employees located in Colombia, where our headquarters are located. 

For the past several months, Colombia’s government has been executing the national vaccination plan which is mainly focused on 50+ years old citizens. Slowly, they’ve been opening slots to younger people but with very little predictability, which makes it difficult for us to calculate when our collaborators will be fully vaccinated.

Due to that reality, in the last couple of months, we decided to pursue an opportunity to acquire vaccines directly from the government through a special program they created to help several industries of the economy reactivate.

“I’m thrilled to inform you that we managed to get into the program and secure vaccines for our collaborators who otherwise would have had to wait several months to get their shots through the regular national vaccination plan.” Jonathan Tarud, CEO at Koombea.

This makes us extremely happy, as it helps us guarantee a two-fold goal: ensure that our employees are safe at all times and continue to deliver a world-class service to our clients. As the current pandemic evolves, we will continue to do what is in our hands to make sure our team is safe and our clients satisfied with our work. 

We assure our clients that there will not be any service disruption from us. We appreciate their patience and understanding as we work as one global family to arrest and eradicate this global pandemic.

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