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Inside Koombea's innovative culture

We work with smart, passionate people who build new products and services every day on behalf of our customers.

Leadership Team

Our leaders empower us to be owners and innovators while keeping a customer centric lens on everything we do.

Jonathan Tarud


Robert Kazmi

Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

José Gómez

Director of Operations

Marcela Azcárate


Nicolás Costa

Director of Customer Operations

Sandra Caballero

Director of Human Resources

Álvaro Insignares

Technical Account Manager

Mario Tatis

Technical Account Manager

Diego Coronado

Technical Account Manager

Our Culture

We work to create a company culture that sustains an innovative workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our open culture means we work together to tackle challenges side-by-side. We have a phenomenal respect for each other and great loyalty to our clients.


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