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Shoppers today are empowered shoppers. Mobile technologies have given them more knowledge prior to purchase than ever before. Always being connected, shoppers today use mobile to make informed purchase decisions, and as a result, new marketing methods are being employed by retailers worldwide. It was not planned. It was born from necessity. Ecommerce and shopping via…

Mobile applications have taken the world by a storm and by the looks of it, there’s no going back. Even banks have been adopting and using mobile apps to provide better customer experience and as a point of differentiation against competitors. In order to capitalize on this new technology and increase online sales, retail stores over…

The Retail Industry has embraced the world of mobile apps like no other sector. Testimony to the state is a recent report by TechCrunch that mentions the stellar growth of 174% year over year for shopping and lifestyle native apps. However, the proof of the pudding is not in the numbers, but in the quality of…