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Where are SaaS heading? We’re exploring five SaaS trends of 2018 - where does your company fit?

We are reminded time and time again that “innovation is king” and every other day there is a new “next big thing” making its way through the hyper competitive tech world. Whether you are a well established cloud service, an up-and-coming SaaS venture, or a VR startup, it all comes down to great software… and that’s…

Nowadays people expect a lot from products and one of the expectations is the ability to cross-work between different apps and services. As a business you need to leverage expanding to other markets and niches and being able to integrate with third-party app marketing channels helps with the growth strategy. We introduce you to Saasler Saasler…

The hi-tech industry keeps growing, bringing new technologies and innovation opportunities to the table. At Koombea, we want to keep evolving with the industry, working in exciting new projects, and using our expertise to help our customers take the hi-tech world by storm. Take a look at our specific capabilities below. [googlepdf url="" download="Download" width="100%" height="800"]

SaaS UI and UX are critical factors which lead toward the success or failure of the app as a whole. Here are some best practices:

Micro SaaS are a growing trend in the SaaS world. We’re looking at what they are and why people are building them.