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WellMatch: Evolving the way people shop for health care services

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When Aetna, one of the world's largest companies and one of the United States' largest insurance providers, needed a partner to drive out support of a business unit within their Healthagen division, WellMatch, they turned to Koombea for design and development support and leadership.

WellMatch connects users to the medical services that best meet their personalized needs. WellMatch needed to feel intuitive to the point of anticipating users' needs. Additionally the application ties together a host of integrations and services powering the content and options within the platform. Aetna was shorthanded in resources capable of developing the tool. They needed a Koombea project lead to bridge their team and Koombea UX designers and developers necessary to bring the project to life.

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Solving complexity

Personalizing users' experience while shopping for medical services incorporates a massive amount of complexity. Variables including users' health plans, location, deductible information, and quotas required deep user experience thinking and complicated programming problem solving.

Further complicating the experience, HIPAA requirements impose regulatory restrictions on the platform. Fluency in understanding these requirements was critical to the project's success. Once those additional dependencies and variables were incorporated, Koombea organized the content intuitively creating an application that generates options and pricing information for users in real time.

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Measuring results

WellMatch has experienced rapid growth and wide adoption. Johnson & Johnson, Costco, IBM, Nascar, and Nordstrom have joined the WellMatch platform and platform analytics describe an engaged, positive user experience.

Measuring the Results

Client Successes

Brad Rumph

Koombea has become part of our engineering team. The relationship is seamless. After working over a year with another premier web & mobile agency, we choose Koombea because they had the competence to truly understand our product, our technologies, and made the commitment to fit into both our business strategy as well as agile lifecycle.

Brad Rumph
CTO, WellMatch

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