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OpenEd: Personalized education resources driving success

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OpenEd uses videos, games, and interactive lessons to evaluate students from K-12, and design customized study plans based on personalized results. The platform monitors students' progress as they grow deeper understanding and proficiency in critical standards-based skills.


When OpenEd CEO Adam Blum and OpenEd VP of Engieneering Vlad Tarasov sought out a design and development partner they didn’t have to look for long. Koombea previously partnered with Adam and Vlad on a prior project RhoMobile, which was eventually acquired by Motorola. Adam was aware of the kind of growth Koombea could accelerate,ย and saw value in the contributions the Koombea dev team could make extending the skills and capabilities of the OpenEd development team. Building with EmberJS, the Koombea team built an API schema and mocks in just two weeks.

Rapid growth and innovation solutions

OpenEd grew rapidly and added users at a challenging rate. The platform grew to include five separate applications, that needed to be maintained by a small internal team, and needed to synch with each other automatically. Releasing updates became harder as the platform grew in complexity. Koombea rolled the the applications into one parent application using a sophisticated mix of Ruby architecture and a service architecture background streamlining management and synchronization.

Measuring results

OpenEd’s rapid growth continues in terms of user acquisition, adding hundreds of thousands of educators, and in terms of scalable growth, partnering with leading content publishers including Pearson, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, HLT, The University of Iowa, and more. OpenEd received a 90.4% user satisfaction rating while increasing test coverage across back-end services and reducing overall continuous delivery times.


Pushing boundaries

Koombea continues to support the OpenEd platform, pushing boundaries in technology by employing a component-based Rails architecture primer.



Overall Koombea has been a pleasure to work with. They have shown the ability to solve complex problems and have contributed to both our emberjs and our rails project. I’m also very pleased with the production, delivering in a reasonable timeframe and are very responsive to feedback.

Vladimir Tasarov VP of Engineering, OpenEd

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