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Drum Guru

A revolution in drum education. The drum lesson app for iOS.

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Drum Guru

Drum Guru features professional drummers, from legends like Steve Smith and Peter Erskine, to Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, teaching the tricks of the trade in immersive iPhone, iPad, and Google Android applications.


Video tutorials

The application’s video tutorials teach everyone from beginners to experts the kinds of fills, grooves, and techniques the pros use. Get a front row seat and watch the experts, then unpack the lesson at the appropriate expertise level by slowing down or speeding up playback. Read music, or play along to the beat. Drum Guru supports a wide variety of learning methods.

Lesson packs

Users can purchase as many, or as few lesson packs as they want. Lesson packs collect a series of instructional videos in mini curriculums. In-app purchases allow users to learn at their own pace, are quick to download, and drive deeper engagement with lessons.

Quick navigation

Drum Guru sorts and organizes lesson packs, artists, and videos in an intuitive user experience allowing users to connect one less pack to another. Time-in-app drives in-app purchases. The more seamless the navigation from lesson pack to lesson pack, the longer users remain customers.



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