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Projects & Outcomes

Over the course of 11+ years, we have helped 120+ brands and startups receive great exposure via their mobile and web applications.


“Koombea provided outstanding performance during a critical phase of our project. After the DevOps implementation to automate builds was completed, I thought to myself, 'This is why it's great working with Koombea!'"

Adam Blum


Swisscomerce - Koombea Case Studies

"I can’t recommend Koombea enough! They gave us a 360° solution while at the same time helping us with everything from business strategy and technology, to the UX of our application. They are great people that do fantastic work.”

Miguel Ramirez

CPO, Paymentez


"Koombea was able to solve any issues or challenges that would arise with compatibility or iOS upgrades. They were very personable, good to work with, and very professional."

Robert Wallis

Owner/Founder Drum Guru

"Koombea is a truly full-service development agency, and their holistic and consultative approach enabled huge cost savings on our end."

Matthew Southern

Founder/CEO Southern Straps

Footbeat - Koombea Case Studies