Simple Steps to Building a Consumer App

by Miguel Perez
Blog Post

You interact with consumer web apps every day. Facebook, Uber, Netflix, Google Chrome, etc.

They help consumers use the web in new ways, and sometimes bring technologies—previously only geared towards advanced users—to a mainstream audience.

So, if you want to build your own consumer web application, where should you start? What should you focus on? Should you finish building the app before you bring it market to market?

Marketing Prelaunch

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when building web apps is…

…not getting marketing involved.

Developing and releasing your web app may seem like the most essential task—but if your app doesn’t get discovered, it doesn’t matter.

It’s important to get your marketing team involved early, so they can plan the go-to-market strategies for your app—and so they understand every feature.

Here are some quick tips to market your consumer web app, prelaunch

  • Start a blog related to your app, industry, or service, and start a conversation about the problem you’re trying to solve.
  • Create a “Coming Soon” web page, equipped with an email opt-in so you can collect emails and send out value-packed newsletters.
  • Create a preview trailer and upload it to YouTube to generate buzz.

Acquiring and Retaining Users

How will people to use your product, and how can you get them to keep using it? First, you need a good understanding of your users. Who are they, and how do you solve their problem?

Craft your marketing around these messages. You’ll drive targeted traffic and increase your chances of a successful launch.

Are you thinking of building a consumer web application? How do you plan to market it and acquire users? Let us know.

by Miguel Perez
Blog Post