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5 minutes read

Shopify Merchants Shatter Records Over Cyber Weekend

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
5 minutes read

Online shopping continues to get bigger and more popular every year. The days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are seeing more online spending than ever before, and Shopify merchants are seeing amazing results. Since we here at Koombea teamed up with Shopify Plus, we’re well aware how retail apps powered with Shopify can offer all sorts of features and plugins to optimize and streamline the shopping  journey. Let’s look at the numbers and see what they mean. 

The Numbers

We all know by now that the stretch between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the golden time for online retail sales. Every year, the numbers go up and records are broken. This year, according to this report, online holiday spending is predicted to surpass $140 billion, a significant jump of 14% over last year. Mobile sales are steadily rising, and mobile retail apps that provide all the features users want are in high demand.

Specifically, Shopify merchants were very busy this year, according to this release. Over one million merchants from 175 countries worldwide sold over $2.9 billion of merchandise from the morning of Black Friday in New Zealand to midnight of Cyber Monday in California. That’s an incredible increase from last year’s $1.9 billion, and it’s only getting bigger.

25.5 million shoppers made purchases from a Shopify merchant through these four days, and the average purchase was over $83. The peak selling time was 3:00 pm EST, with $1.5 million spent per minute. In the past, many apps or sites could potentially crash with such a massive influx of business and traffic. Shopify Plus is built to be fully scalable, with enormous bandwidth and technical support around the clock. 

How Shopify Plus and Koombea Work Together

Shopify Plus is a top-rated elite eCommerce platform. Koombea is an experienced and agile app development and Shopify Plus Partner. Together, we can ideate, develop, and operate any size mobile retail app to produce optimal results. Here are a few reasons that this combination is powerful indeed.

  • Bandwidth: As we mentioned above, the combination of Shopify Plus’ powerful bandwidth and Koombea’s attention to scalability and growth gives retail apps room to grow rapidly and handle giant spikes in traffic like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Inventory: You can’t sell what you don’t have. Shopify Plus comes with comprehensive inventory control to keep a sharp eye on what’s in stock and what may be running out, as well as handling returns and surplus stock.
  • Payment Portals: Many times a sale is won and lost on the checkout/payment page. App users describe payment options and uncertainties as a major pain point and leading reason that they leave their full shopping cart abandoned at the last minute. Koombea’s wealth of experience with user-friendly payment options and Shopify’s wide array of payment gateways, along with international currencies and regulations, keeps this vital process running smooth anywhere around the world.
  • Reporting: Merchants need to know what’s going on with their business in real-time. Having a built-in intuitive dashboard that can easily display all your significant metrics in an easy to navigate screen helps you adjust on the fly while also planning ahead. Shopify Plus offers all these reporting capabilities, while Koombea has experience with the latest artificial intelligence technology that can actually start predicting trends and patterns to optimize the next sales cycle.
  • Versatility: If you want to compete in today’s marketplace, you need to be able to represent yourself on multiple channels and platforms, especially considering that the popularity of all these various channels and platforms vary wildly around the world. It’s the amazingly powerful API capability that lets you quickly and seamlessly adapt and install to any platform any time.
  • Security: Koombea has an incredible reputation for implementing the best in security measures for their mobile retail apps. Multiple authentications and the newest in encryption measures pair up with Shopify’s certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliance to ensure the safest app on the market. 

A Little Something Extra

In addition to these high-end standards that every Koombea/Shopify Plus app receives, there are the multiple plug ins that Shopify Plus offers that can help optimize and customize the user experience. Here’s a few of them that deserve some recognition.

  • Hubspot Customer Relations Management tool: Hubspot is a powerhouse CRM tool, offering automated email responses, customized reports for various departments, and predictive analytics based on past customer behavior.
  • Rilo: This is a Koombea creation that gives brands the ability to improve the design and aesthetics of their pages quickly without dedicated coding. Intuitive drag-and-drop action lets everyday employees make significant changes on a professional level.
  • Wishlist Plus: The holiday season brings wish lists galore. While these make shopping for family and friends easier, they also give a brand incredible insight to any individual’s shopping behavior that can guide your strategy for this season and beyond. This is a prime example of user-volunteered data that brands can capitalize on.
  • Smart brands put ample resources into retaining existing customers. This plugin lets you create and customize loyalty and rewards programs, offering enticing perks like free shipping and reward points, and you can easily integrate this into all your social channels as well.

There are several more plugins available that can change the landscape of your mobile retail app, so be sure to research everything that this partnership offers. 

Wrapping It All Up

We have to repeat this one amazing statistic: over one million Shopify merchants worldwide sold over $2.9 billion of merchandise in four days. This is an intensive and concentrated sales cycle that depends on superior technical support and design to handle this huge influx. Partnering with industry leaders like Koombea and Shopify Plus gives you the peace of mind and confidence you need when this holiday boom comes again next year.

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