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3 minutes read

Are you a SaaS? Here’s how to make your life easier.

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
3 minutes read

Nowadays people expect a lot from products and one of the expectations is the ability to cross-work between different apps and services. As a business you need to leverage expanding to other markets and niches and being able to integrate with third-party app marketing channels helps with the growth strategy.

We introduce you to Saasler

Saasler is a platform created by Koombea that allows the creation of integrations between two or more different services. A basic and simple example would be fetching invoices’ information from a system A and crossing that information with sales from system B.

Integrations running smoothly

Knowing that you don’t have to spend much time reviewing and tracking a particular part of the application is very relaxing. That feeling that you know that someone is taking care of issues, bottlenecks and ensuring that the integrations will run smoothly. This is probably the best part of Saasler, that our team provides great support and easy to build integrations.

Key differentiator

Saasler is both a service and product offering. We set up, customize and develop the integrations for you. We will handle the infrastructure that supports it, we will handle refreshing tokens and also our integrations run embedded in your product working seamlessly inside your UI.

The innovative technology behind Saasler

We are using a mix between servers and Serverless computing. We have some applications running on Kubernetes and some processes running inside AWS technology. Lambda, Fargate, etc.

Saasler’s ideal customer

It is a product based company, with a dedicated team of developers, a healthy roadmap with a lot of features their customers want. They also have integrations there. But they somehow lack the time to fully work in this part because they want to grow their product.

Saasler in the market

Every month we are being asked to support more services, the most demanded feature is around security. How safe is the data? We do not store data, all data passes through Saasler and we delete our logs every 15 days.

The idea behind Saasler

Koombea is a mobile and web development agency. Our team has long experience working with all types of innovative and high-tech companies.

Over the years we have worked with a lot of clients. Big and small. The big majority came to us to develop some sort of integration between their system and a third party. Over the years we started building all these small components that helped us make the products faster, simpler and ensuring quality.

A couple of years ago, we saw the opportunity to productize all those libraries and snippets of code we’ve built in the past and turn them into Saasler in order to learn more and help our clients get through the challenges they are facing.

Contribution to the growing SaaS industry

Everyday the need for integration between services is growing. We hope to be able to help create all of those integrations and allow our customers focus solely in their core business. Making an integration takes some time, now imagine having to maintain hundreds of them.

The Future of the SaaS Industry

Lots of APIs. Many services, many options. Services tailored to customers by their needs. Hopefully, Saasler will be in the middle of it. We are building technology that will allow making those connections easier and faster.

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