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App Development
1 minute read

Mobile App Security Standards Infographic

by Mario Tatis
App Development
1 minute read

App security might not be the one thing users think about when they install an app on their mobile phones. However, mobile application security is something that everyone should be aware of. An unsafe mobile application can compromise user’s devices, leaving the door open for criminals to use malware that can access sensitive data and do other things like steal passwords and read emails.

Mobile apps need to guarantee users a secure environment. To do this, mobile app security experts need to consider the industry’s strictest standards. Throughout the mobile app development process, developers need to adhere to strict Quality Assurance and DevOps practices and perform rigorous security testing on the source code and the app itself. It is always a good idea to follow security guidelines for iOS and Android.

An Infographic of Mobile App Security Standards

With this infographic, you will understand some of the most important aspects of mobile app security to consider.

Mobile app security standards infographic.
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