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App Development
6 minutes read

Mobile App Plugins: Boosting Your Digital Presence

By Jose Gomez
An illustration of an app depicting digital presence and business growth.
By Jose Gomez
App Development
6 minutes read

Mobile app plugins are a great way to build a mobile app in case your company lacks the expertise or resources needed. They will never be the same as mobile apps built by professional mobile app development teams, nor will they have the same look and feel as a native mobile app, but it will be better than having nothing at all.

This last should come as no surprise. After all, for your business, having a digital presence directly on the mobile devices of your target audience brings many benefits. You will be able to send push notifications and interact with users directly rather than through third-party mobile apps or other platforms.

Building a mobile app is not an easy task. It involves time, money, and it requires some serious commitment in order to deliver a product that users love. This applies both to iOS and Android apps.

Luckily, tools like mobile app plugins offer a cost-effective solution for companies that wish to transform their site into a mobile app. This is not a perfect solution, but it might be the first step before you build your own professional mobile app. 

In this post, we explain the general benefits and limitations of using a plugin to build mobile apps. 

Mobile Apps for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

A mobile app can offer any business many benefits. Mobile apps have the power to address specific customer needs and pain points in ways that other technologies cannot. Through different tools, users can access a number of solutions directly from the palm of their hand, helping your business scale, and most importantly, reach out to customers in ways that would have otherwise been impossible.

Unfortunately, not all companies see the direct benefits of a mobile app. Most small and medium-sized businesses have a hard time building a mobile app. To some, the sole idea of having a mobile app seems unnecessary. However, as an app development company, we know firsthand the impact that a native mobile app can have on a company. We have seen how it can take a business from being good to great.

For other companies, money is the issue. Building a mobile app is expensive and demands a serious long-term commitment. There are many different app development companies that charge different app development prices, but in general, building software is not cheap. For a company to build a native mobile solution means having a strategic growth plan that leverages the power of technology, and not everyone is ready to go ahead with such ambitions.

Mobile App Plugins for Your Business

Yes, if you are a small or medium-sized company building a mobile app is not easy, but don’t be discouraged. The good thing is that if you are just exploring the possibilities that mobile apps offer, different alternatives exist. These alternatives might help you understand how a mobile app can benefit your business before you decide to go all in. 

If this is your case, mobile app plugins are one of the best alternatives you can choose to build a mobile app for your company. A mobile app plugin is a technology-friendly alternative that can help you add a feature to your app without having to build it from scratch. 

In general, mobile app plugins are very useful when it comes to design elements, but they are not limited to them. There are many different plugin options that can be used to build mobile apps for Android and iOS, even if you are not an expert on each of these different platforms. Just keep in mind that iOS users are different from those that use an Android app. Also, keep in mind that if you plan on sharing your app on an app store, make sure to understand the requirements. The Google Play store has different requirements than the Apple App Store.

To build a great mobile app using plugins, you have to make sure to use the features that add value to your users. For this, it is important to have some basic knowledge about concepts related to the User Experience. It is even better if you can hire an app design company to help you with this. Aside from the features your app offers, few things are as important as its design.

From WordPress Site to Mobile App

If you have a WordPress site, things get even better. There are a number of mobile app plugins able to transform your WordPress site into a mobile app. These are sometimes referred to as a WordPress plugin because, as its name suggests, it can help you build a mobile app, with limited features, from a simple WordPress site.

For many businesses, a WordPress website is a great tool to stay in touch with customers while offering products and services. In the same way, a mobile app built with a WordPress plugin is a great way to reach more customers through their mobile devices. You will be able to stay more connected to them and make use of mobile features like push notifications. 

Check out different options before choosing the WordPress plugin that is right for you. Once you’ve chosen the right one, you may start transforming your WordPress website into a mobile app. 

Upgrade Your App: Limitations of Mobile App Plugins

Compared to mobile apps that are built from scratch by professional developers, a WordPress website turned into an app is a limited solution, but it might be the right one for you, depending on your business needs. However, as you start to grow your business, you might start noticing that certain features need an upgrade and that certain things need professional support. In particular, when a business starts seeing accelerated growth, scalability becomes an issue.

Keep in mind at all times that if your new mobile app is a success, you should seriously consider upgrading it to a full-fledged version. To do so, you might first want to understand the potential capabilities mobile apps have to offer your business. 

A Discovery workshop is a great way to do so. Although this might seem too soon, once you move your business into the mobile world, you will move at a great speed. Don’t let the opportunity pass by. Improve your digital presence now with mobile app plugins.

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