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[Saasler Repost] How Much Are Integrations Costing Your Company? (Part 1)

The concept of building third-party integrations is quickly shifting from being thought of as an added value to becoming a critical element in the SaaS landscape. In fact, a successful integration ecosystem has the power to influence many aspects of the business, including customer satisfaction, retention, and churn rates.

Perhaps you’ve just started thinking about adding third-party integrations to your business, or maybe you’ve had some in place for a while. Either way, no matter where you are in the process, one of your main concerns probably has to do with how much money it will cost your company.

The answers to this question are varied and depend heavily on different factors.

Let’s start by breaking down some of these factors and how they affect your overall integration budget.


Obviously, the more complex your integration ecosystem, the more sizeable the investment. By complex, we are referring to the number of applications that will be integrated with each other, and how this will be accomplished. The amount of implementation and authentication required for each integration can considerably complicate or facilitate any given project.


This refers to the amount of data that a company will be sharing and syncing on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, on top of sheer volume, there is a considerable amount of data formatting required to get your integrations working smoothly. As data volume rises and scalability changes, there will be a considerable increase in the work required from the teams behind the project, which will involve a greater resource commitment.


Deciding between building integrations in-house or hiring an external provider is crucial. A lot of factors like team expertise, company size and business priorities, are likely to influence this decision. Depending on your business needs, choosing between these two can significantly impact your final results.

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This post was originally posted by our colleague Carmen Apostu on the Saasler blog, you can find related topics here.

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