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Website Development
6 minutes read

How to Know If Your Website Isn’t Ready for Prime Time

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
Website Development
6 minutes read

As a web development company, we here at Koombea are constantly asked to design, improve, and build all sorts of websites. Most of these rely on outdated and inadequate web technologies; they need to be upgraded with state of the art web technology.

In this day and age, having a powerful website can make all the difference for any type of business, no matter the industry. Few things speak of your brand as your website. Web design and development are two key processes for any organization, and since most companies do not have the in-house skills to manage them, hiring a web development company is very common. 

Building a great website requires technical skills as well as the right experience. There is much to know and a lot to do. If you are thinking about building your business website or improving your current one, these are some key aspects to prevent your site from being terrible.  

Common Website Development and Design Mistakes

Web design and development is not rocket science, but it does require knowledge on what makes a great website. More importantly, it requires avoiding certain mistakes that might make your website terrible. 

Today, many free and paid services exist that can help you build websites; some even offer low code environments. Most of them are awesome solutions, but as good as they are, they can only offer so much. Having a website made to meet the direct needs of your business and brand is the ideal solution for companies. 

Partnering up with a web development company can help your business achieve its online goals. Most importantly, it can save you lots of headaches and money. Working with someone who knows about web development can solve problems you didn’t even know existed. These are some of them:

Disregarding Accessibility

Accessibility refers to users’ ability to use a product or service. Web accessibility is the ability of your site’s visitors to use your website. A common mistake companies make is believing that, because a user is able to navigate through a website and fulfill a simple task, it is automatically accessible.

Accessibility covers a broad range of topics, from guaranteeing users with disabilities can use your website, to improving the User Experience (UX) and technical performance of your site. To ensure accessibility, you will need someone with the right web design and development experience. 

High Load Time

It is obvious that a website with a high load time isn’t good; no one wants to wait. What is not so obvious is that, besides getting users in a bad mood, a website with high load times may damage your business in other more important ways. The most important one: making you lose visitors

Heavy files, poor code, and bad web design practices can damage your online reputation beyond the point of repair. Additionally, high load times can affect your site’s Google ranking on search results.

SEO Not Optimized

Like the previous element, many other factors can affect the SEO of your site. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to how the web pages on your website rank in search engines for certain keywords. Ideally, it is necessary for a website to be optimized so that search engines can index your information better and thus be able to show it to users.

Ahrefs and Moz are great tools for optimizing your site’s SEO. However, learning everything there is to know and implementing it can be difficult. 

Low Security & Reliability

The need for a secure website varies depending on the nature of your business. A financial company does not have the same security requirements as a retailer or a service provider. Yet, they all need to have a secure site. This is particularly true for companies that require online payment methods. 

Having the right server configuration is important in terms of technical reliability. Ensuring the best DevOps practices is essential to make your website reliable, therefore reducing your downtime.   


Websites need to be compatible across different devices. Taking into consideration the screen size of your users’ devices is very important in order to deliver a smooth navigation experience. Browsing on a desktop is not the same as doing so on a mobile phone or tablet. 

Building the right design so that your site displays properly on any device is mandatory to prevent it from being terrible. 

Poor Design & User Experience

A poorly designed website will not only get you into trouble in terms of SEO. It will also affect how visitors perceive your site. Web design and development are not only important in terms of functionality; they also matter when it comes to aesthetics and brand awareness.

The User Experience (UX) can be affected by any of the elements on this list. It is strongly connected to design principles but goes beyond them. An engaging Web User Experience combines technical and design elements together with business components. An important way to strengthen your UX is through powerful web features for your site.

Using Templates

Using a template is pretty convenient. Many services offer off-the-shelf solutions that companies can easily use for their businesses without needing to know much about web design and development. Nonetheless, nothing compares to having the right web development company by your side.

Having a custom solution for your website is always going to be a smart decision if you want to impress your visitors. 

Wrapping It Up

Incorporating the suggestions on this list will help you prevent your website from being terrible. However, keep in mind that, in practice, it is difficult to do so. The best solution is usually to have an in-house team or hire a third party, but finding the right web development shop to build your website can be complicated. Many offer too much but deliver too little. 

At Koombea we have been building incredible and fully functional websites for our clients since 2007. Our expertise as a web development company has allowed us to complete projects for some of the world’s most important brands. Through our web design and development skills, we make sure every aspect of your business is considered. That way you can delight your visitors while maintaining your organization going. 

Contact us for a free consultation and find out why we are the perfect company to prevent your website from being terrible. 

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