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6 minutes read

How to Break the Mold and Become Not Another Retail App

By Alvaro Insignares
By Alvaro Insignares
6 minutes read

While there is a lot of opportunity to develop and release a retail app and have it become a success, the market is also a little saturated. So it’s crucial that your app stands out. In this post, we’ll discuss some strategies on how you can create a retail app that doesn’t get lost in the sea of all the retail apps on the market.

As apps evolve, consumers evolve, and have high expectations of how a retail app functions. Consumers also care about ease of use of the retail apps they download. And with so much competition, your app really needs to be developed the right way. After all, conversion rates are three times higher on mobile apps than on mobile sites.

Some brands think that having a mobile-friendly website is enough to earn online sales. However, many consumers turn to apps to make their purchases so if your brand doesn’t have an app, now is the time to start. But, be sure to hire the right app development partner for maximum success.

Brick and mortar stores are slowly declining due to the popularity of shopping online and with apps. So, if you’re a brick and mortar store, you definitely need to consider adding an app to your business model. If you’re not a brick and mortar store, then your app needs to be better than ever since all your business is on apps. This post is geared toward both business models so read on to learn how to create an amazing retail app that will lead to more revenue for your business.

Features to Make Your Retail App Stand Out

Consumers don’t have a lot of time or patience so your app needs to be easy to make purchases on and easy to use so that consumers don’t uninstall your app and so you don’t end up losing business. Let’s look at a few features that make a retail app stand out so that you can go to your app development partner with a clear plan.

  • Easy to register on. Some apps ask a bunch of questions and make users fill in a ton of information before they can use the app. Only get the necessary info from your app users so that they don’t uninstall your app before they even get to experience it.
  • A clean and user-friendly UX. Develop something that is sleek and easy to navigate through so that consumers can easily search for the products that they want to buy.
  • Create mobile shopping incentives that pop up on your consumers’ phones that are catered to their buying history. This touch of personalization will go a long way.
  • Don’t make your app robotic. Add personality and friendliness into the messaging on the app and throughout the buying process. This will appeal to users because consumers want brands to be friendly after spending so much time online and on apps reading content that comes across as a robot as opposed to feeling like they actually get to interact with a human.

Monetize Your App Strategically

Of course, the end goal is to have consumers buy products from your brand. So while it’s tempting to charge to download your retail app, we don’t recommend that approach. A free app means more users and shopping via your app.

Through special offers and app notifications for sales and products personalized to the user, you’ll generate revenue through purchases on the app.

When consumers have items in their shopping cart but haven’t purchased yet, you can send app messages that remind them of the items in their cart and you can even offer incentives for them to complete the purchase process.

Market Your Retail App

To get your app in front of many consumers as possible, it’s crucial to market your app. Creating an app is a great start, but the consumers you’re trying to reach may not become aware of your app if it just sits in the app store without a marketing plan. Here are a few ways you can market your app:

  • Work with influencers and have them use and experience your app and then write a blog post about your app. Influencers have audiences that trust their recommendations so their conversion rates are pretty high.
  • Use Google Ads. Find out what keywords your app should rank for when consumers Google for certain keywords that are relevant to your app.
  • If you’re a brick and mortar store it’s likely you have an email list so use this list to email consumers and tell them that you now have an app that they can make their purchases with.
  • Utilize social media and buy some ads on Instagram and Facebook showcasing your app. Create visually appealing ads and experiment with different ads to find out which ones get the most clicks and use your budget toward the most successful ads.
  • Purchase spots in newsletters that are retail themed. This is a great way to get your app in front of new interested and potential consumers.

Balance Your App Updates

Of course, you are going to update your app but try to do this as little as possible. Updates can be annoying to users, so you don’t want to put them through too many app updates.

However, if you have cool new features for your app don’t hesitate to update your app just try not to do this too often. If you have a lot of new features coming out, try to wait until you have a few in the works and update your app with multiple features at once.

Cohesively Weave in-Store experiences With App Features

If you’re a brick and mortar store, it’s important to make sure your app operates cohesively with the in-store experience of your brand.

Consumers consult apps for discounts or coupons when they’re shopping in the store. So, make sure that your app offers in-store incentives and discounts that can be used in your store.

You can also offer shopping recommendations and tips so that your app can be utilized in your store and not just for purchases via your app.

Final Thoughts

Consumers are becoming more tech-savvy than ever, and your brand needs to keep up. They also have lots of app options so it’s crucial that your app is easy to use and that your app makes the purchasing process through your app seamless. To stand out in all the clutter of the apps in the marketplace, it’s more important than ever to have a robust marketing plan and offer features in your app that appeal to users so that they don’t uninstall your app. If you implement all the tips we offered in this article, your retail app is sure to be successful and generate revenue for your brand.

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