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How AI Will Disrupt Your Customer Service and Sales Strategy

Artificial Intelligence is all around us, bringing disruptive changes to the way we do business. By now, it has already found its way into every business process, and retail activities like customer service and sales are no exception.

AI has transformed the way we interact with our customers, increasing their expectations for perfectly timed and personalized customer service. It has influenced the way we make our purchasing decisions, from Amazons’ highly personalized suggestions for our next orders to Netflix’s recommendations on which movie or show to watch.

As we’re becoming used to getting these tips, finely tailored to our interests and purchase history, we are not fully aware that we’re being advertised and sold to anymore.

Here are the most notable ways AI will disrupt your customer service and sales strategy.


Artificial Intelligence has finally made it possible to gather data on our current and potential customers through each touchpoint of their customer journey. AI collects massive amounts of data, spots the patterns in users’ behavior, and uses this information to tailor our promotional and sales campaigns and personalize our customer service.

Just how important this can be when planning your customer service and sales strategy can best be illustrated by the following stat: 74% of our customers are frustrated with offers that don’t suit their interests, and 77% would choose to pay more to get personalized customer experience.

The demands of your customers for personalization should not be neglected, as not living up to their expectations can decrease their customer satisfaction and make them churn. As a matter of fact, customer experience is expected to become a key brand differentiator, overcoming the quality of the products and their price by the end of 2020.

By implementing AI to help you personalize your campaigns and your customer service, you will be able to provide excellent customer experience and stay competitive; a great development partner can help you with this. All the data you will have on your customers will make it possible to create perfectly tailored and personalized marketing and sales campaigns that will match the particular interests, needs, and desires of your target audience.

Automating Customer Service

Hyper-personalization and automation are bringing a major shift when it comes to the quality of the customer service you’re providing. When they are unhappy with your customer service, customers are four times more likely to leave you and do business with your competitors.

The reasons for their dissatisfaction are not so difficult to comprehend – 33% of customers are the most frustrated when they are being put on hold, or when they need to repeat their issue to multiple customer support representatives.

Now, instead of waiting on hold for a rep to answer, a call deflection bot can be offered to a customer as an alternative, allowing them to solve most of their issues themselves. This will not only take the pressure off your customer service reps, leaving them enough time and energy to deal with more complex issues but will, at the same time, increase the satisfaction of your customers, as their problems will be solved more efficiently.

Conversational chatbots are the most common form of AI used for customer support services. The synergy of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing enables these bots to interact in a human-like manner, successfully answering up to 80% of your customers’ questions. Plus, as there is no upper limit for the number of queries these chatbots can handle, there is no need for queuing or being put on hold. Furthermore, as they have an insight into all the previous touchpoints between your customer and your brand, chatbots can offer truly personalized customer experience.

This way, they can successfully nurture your leads through the sales funnel, significantly increasing the number of conversions.

Predictive Analytics

Thanks to all the data they gather on customers and its ability to give valuable insights, AI can also be used to offer sales forecasts and help your sales department focus on the leads that can bring more profit to your business.

Without AI around, salespeople would waste their energy trying to up-sell and cross-sell to all of their clients by making educated guesses. AI can easily determine the position of the leads in the sales funnel and what their search intent is, providing them with the content specifically tailored to their position in the funnel. 

Furthermore, AI can offer an insight into which customers are more likely to make a purchase and when will it occur, making it easier for a salesman to focus their efforts on targeted clients.

This process, known as predictive lead scoring, can increase the average deal size by 20% and significantly shorten the sales cycle.

Predictive Pricing and Incentives

Another way you can use AI is by implementing predictive pricing and incentives in your online sales strategy. Many tools monitor the behavior of your website visitors and make predictions when it comes to possible incentives they can offer or real-time price corrections. 

Some of these tools can also take into account factors such as market demand for a product, competitors’ price, as well as whether your potential customer is coming from a high or low-income area. 

With the help of AI, your pricing and incentives can become more dynamic, correcting the price within your preset values, earning you a good profit, and boosting your customers’ satisfaction at the same time.

Use Email to Nurture Your Leads

Artificial Intelligence and email marketing go hand in hand, and you can include email campaigns in your sales strategy to nurture your leads, increase your conversions, and boost your ROI.

AI has made it possible to use your customer information and segment your target audience based on their relevant traits. This way, you can create perfectly tailored campaigns that will match the needs and the interests of each one of the subgroups.

Furthermore, using AI-powered email automation tools, you can personalize your emails, giving them a genuine human feel, thus increasing the odds that your customers will respond in the way you expect them to.

By making AI-based tools a part of your customer service, marketing, and sales strategy, you can exceed your customers’ expectations, keep a competitive edge, and improve your bottom line.

Michael has 10 years of experience in marketing. In this time, he has worked with a diverse clientele, making him knowledgeable on many topics. He recently reconnected with writing and wishes to make it a daily habit. You can read more of Michael’s work at Qeedle.

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