A Digital Health Era

by Nicolas Costa
Blog Post

The Digital revolution is fundamentally affecting the relationship between medical technology companies and their customers, providing both sides with the information needed to make smarter and more rapid decisions.

An effective digital strategy can help streamline internal workflow, generate new product offers, improve customer experiences, and encourage more patient engagement. Successful Healthcare firms are re-inventing services through more data-driven innovation, product development, and commercialization.

There are countless ways in which healthcare administrators can partner with premium app developers such as Koombea to reconfigure the way the communication exchange with their customers is approached.

Medical apps can be leveraged to improve daily life and foster positive patient outcomes. The possibilities range from allowing users to access and organize essential personal health information, to helping patients track and monitor their progress and recovery. The beneficial possibilities of healthcare apps are virtually limitless.

Healthcare App Proficiency


Experienced Healthcare App Development Company

Koombea has been at the forefront of the digital evolution within the Tech-Med industry for a decade. Working with a variety of clients such as Aetna and Strive Labs to develop new lines of businesses centered around innovation and quality of service.

Advanced Encryption Standard and HIPAA Compliance

Given the critical importance of HIPAA compliance, and considering all the ways security breaches can occur in a digital platform, Koombea strictly and successfully applies the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), one of the most secure encryption algorithms available today.

Effective UX – Safe UI

Patients around the world are trusting mobile helpers more and more every day. Koombea is committed to ensuring that the User Interface design not only reduces the risk of “user error” that may result in a dangerous situation, but also goes above and beyond by crafting an effective, efficient, and compelling user experience for everyone interacting with the app.

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by Nicolas Costa
Blog Post