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4 minutes read

[Adknowledge] Digital Insights from 23 Marketing Trendsetters

By Robert Kazmi
By Robert Kazmi
4 minutes read

“My main advice to marketers would be to TRULY understand your product. If you can explain it to others they will get excited, too.” – Ellie Cachette

Earlier this year AdKnowledge identified several key areas of marketing and selected our very own VP of Product Marketing as one of the 23 “Trendsetters in Marketing.” In this mini-book of interviews, Ellie Cachette broke down what’s most important for marketers to remember based upon her years of experience both in software and with Koombea where we help dozens of companies build out apps and technologies.


With all the engagement tools around marketing and calculating the ROI on users, the importance of a clear marketing message as well as the business strategy has never been more crucial. In this Adknowledge ebook, 23 digital marketers like Ted Buell from Google, Jo Zablud at, Neil Patel from Kissmetrics, and even Ellie Cachette from our Koombea team talk about mobile technologies, the future of social media, and lifetime user values (LTV). To download the original ebook from Adknowledge click here.

Adknowledge points out two major evolving trends that have shaped marketing today:

  1. Online marketing has gone back to the value of connecting with customers, understanding core differentiators, and brand building.
  2. Marketing is becoming more reliant on data evolving into a science

For the full interview read below:


Ellie Cachette (@ecachette)

VP of Product Marketing, Koombea

Q: What trend is most important for the future of marketing?

A: Videos and presentations have been under-leveraged utilities for marketing in the last couple years. People have an innate desire to learn — platforms that enhance interactively, customer education will be pivotal in 2014 and 2015. Also, traditional strategies don’t apply to mobile and since we all know growth and hourly activity is mobile-based, all the old systems of designing ads, getting “engagement” which before might have been a phone call, and now it’s a click or email. All the “rules” of marketing no longer apply and have to be updated. Audiences need to be truly known and tapped into, which is why some campaigns can easily fail if the audience isn’t properly understood or framed correctly.

Q: What should companies know before jumping into mobile marketing?

A: At Koombea, we don’t believe in fighting for attention; we believe in two marketing philosophies: beauty and usefulness. We try to generate as beautiful or useful apps as

possible and thrive to bring the most to the user experience as possible. If marketers take the time to really understand their products, then marketing can be made easier. For instance, if you have an app that helps with paying bills, and you have some data around what the users are doing or how active they are, you can also guess similar apps and things they use or buy and make sure your brand and company are positioned well in those spaces. We always try to replicate ourselves in the users’ shoes, meaning, if I were the user, what else am I seeing, touching, using, buying, etc? Then we make sure there is information in all of those places. It’s more than user acquisition, it’s lining a clear path around the client. Stage setting.

Q: What does the future of marketing hold?

A: The future of marketing is what’s already in front of you — your current customers. Most of our clients do business again with us in the future: after six years of business we are almost multigenerational meaning investors of several different companies and founders on various or new ventures know we can help them. Our greatest asset is what we call “the family”, which is

current and recurring customers. Our focus in this next year is to connect with these customers as quickly as possible. The best way to optimize campaigns for scale is to focus on

your most valuable asset — your customers who already love your brand. If you can focus on getting a smaller group excited about your products and what you are doing, they will often do the amplification for you.

Author: @keswanberg

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